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IMPORTANT!! LIFELOCK replacing SHERPA as of December 1, 2019…

For Your Protection:  Our office will ask multiple questions to verify your identify before preforming any service or providing any information on your account to keep your account safe.

If you have any questions about this process, please inquire with one of our offices in person or over the phone.

SHERPA coverage is ending November 30, 2019

Your subscription will not be automatically rolled over and you must take action to sign up for LifeLock Identity Theft Protection.

This is to notify you that SHERPA® Identity Protection will no longer be available as of December 1, 2019.
Protecting your identity is important so we are offering you the opportunity to sign up for a new identity theft
program through LifeLock, available to you at the same rate.* The best news is that the LifeLock Benefit Elite Plus
program has more robust coverage for the same low price.

If you are currently enrolled in SHERPA Identity Protection, you will need to sign up for LifeLock Benefit Elite Plus during the sign up period which has been extended through November 27.  Your subscription will not automatically roll over.

You must sign up directly via the internet. If needed, a licensed agent will be available to answer any questions you may have during the sign up period. They may be reached at 866 354 1327. SIGN UP HERE

Enrolling in a LifeLock with Norton Benefit Plans membership is an important step in helping to protect your identity. After completing enrollment, your information is provided to LifeLock and your membership is activated. You will receive a ‘welcome’ email from which you can access and set up your Member Portal. This is where you
must enter any personal information you want LifeLock to monitor. From time to time, you will also receive emails from us about how to get the most from your LifeLock membership.

LIFELOCK_Member Expectation Guide_Plus and Premium and Checklist ← Click here for more Information

LIFELOCK BENEFIT ELITE PLUS protection is aimed at what matters to members—helping protect their identities and helping protect their nest eggs. LifeLock Benefit Elite Plus protection helps detect potential fraud and notifies members’ through email, text, phone‡‡ or mobile app alerts.

LIFELOCK BENEFIT ELITE PREMIUM helps protect 401(k) and other investment accounts from fraudulent withdrawals and balance transfers. It also comes with enhanced services including bank account application and takeover alerts,† one-bureau annual credit score and report, monthly credit score tracking, and
three-bureau annual credit monitoring.

LIFELOCK JUNIOR™ (Membership is available only as an added membership to an adult LifeLock Plan) protection helps safeguard your child’s Social Security number and good name with proactive identity theft protection designed specifically for children. To learn more about LifeLock Junior™ membership, and the specific features available with this plan, please visit

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