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Saving Bonds

For Your Protection:  Our office will ask multiple questions to verify your identify before preforming any service or providing any information on your account to keep your account safe.

If you have any questions about this process, please inquire with one of our offices in person or over the phone.

US Savings Bonds can no longer be purchased at G.A.P. Federal Credit Union. However, we will continue to redeem savings bonds at any of our branches.

The following  is for informational purposes only:

At TreasuryDirect, you can purchase and hold savings bonds and marketable securities.  Marketable securities are Treasury bills, Treasury notes, Treasury bonds, Floating Rate Notes, and Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities (TIPS).

TreasuryDirect offers different Securities & Programs, listed here. 

Calculate the value of your Saving Bond(s).

Do you have other questions, or need to know redemption values? Visit

**US Savings Bonds are not insured investments of the NCUA, not guaranteed by the credit union, government agency, or any affiliated entity. Not a credit union deposit product. May lose value and involves investment risks, including the possible loss of principal. 

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