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Johnstown: 814-535-4165 | Richland: 814-266-8446 | Altoona: 814-946-0726 | New Stanton: 724-925-1324

*NOTE: All fees quoted are per item or per occurrence unless otherwise noted..

ATM NSF Fee$30.00
ACH NSF Fee$30.00
Share Draft NSF Fee$30.00
VISA NSF Payment Fee$30.00
NSF Deposit Item - EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2016$30.00
ATM NSF Deposit Item - EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2016$30.00
Stop Payment Fee - EFFECTIVE July 1, 2016$10.00
Reg D Fee (after six (6) allowable monthly transfers from share/savings accts)$10.00 per item
ATM Card Replacement Fee(Initial card & first replacement-Free)$5.00
ATM Fee - per withdrawal transaction$.25
Bad Address Fee - If the imposed fee takes the member’s share account below the $5.00 required minimum balance, the fee will be the actual account balance and the account will be closed. EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2016$15.00/month
Dormant Account Fee - Share account balances under $100.00 and inactive for more than 12 mos (Dormant share accounts under $5.00 will be closed)$25.00
Escheat Account Fee - No activity for three (3) years/Account balance will be sent to the State EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 1016$30.00
Closed Account Fee – Open less than 90 days$5.00
Statement Copy or Printout$1.00 per page
Certified Check$1.00 each
Check/Draft Copy - each$3.00
Garnishment Fee - per notification$50.00
Mortgage Loan Origination Fee$300.00
Loan Cancellation Fee EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2016$30.00
Title Fee/Refinance$80.00
Title Fee/Purchase$10.00
CAR FAX$20.00
VISA Card Replacement Fee$5.00
VISA Gift Card$2.00
VISA Late Payment Fee$10.00
ACH Fee – Revoke Authorization$10.00
ACH Fee – Dispute Unauthorized Transaction$10.00
ATM Dispute Fee – Three FREE per year (unless a data base breach)$10.00
Wire OUT Fee/INTERNATIONAL$15.00/$35.00
Wire IN Fee$5.00
Western Union-Domestic up to $10,000$20.00
Western Union-International up to $500$30.00
Western Union-International over $500$30.00 plus 2% of amount sent
Annual Percentage Yield12.00%
Grace period for repayment of the balances for purchases25 days
Method of computing the balance for purchases and cash advancesAverage Daily Balance (including New Purchases)
Minimum Finance ChargeNone
Balance Transfer FeeNone
Annual FeeNone
Transaction Fee for purchasesNone
Late Payment Fee$10.00

*This information is subject to change

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