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Borrowing money is a reality for just about everyone. Whether you’re in the market for a car, boat, vacation, unexpected expenses, or sending your kids to college, G.A.P. FCU offers a wide variety of lending programs for these and many more purposes. And when you combine our competitive rates, flexible terms, and affordable payments with our friendly, professional service, you’ll see there’s no better place to go for a loan than G.A.P. FCU. So whether your borrowing needs are big or small. Short-term or long-term. The place to go is G.A.P. FCU.


We put our members in the driver’s seat
√ Research over 4 million vehicles nationwide
√ Save time and money with credit union pre-approval
√ Free CarFax, vehicle comparisons, and more!
Experience it now!


New and Used Vehicle Loans We will finance 100% depending on the year of the vehicle.* Our current “new” car rate applies to the current year and previous year models. Rates and terms vary for all other used vehicles*. Financing for motorcycles, ATV’s and snowmobiles available also at our current vehicle rates! *Vehicles older than six (6) model years will be financed up to the NADA clean trade-in value for 36 mos at the unsecured rate based on score, title will be held as collateral and full coverage insurance is required.

Personal Loans Our personal loans have been a long-time favorite of our membership. When you need a loan for debt consolidation, catching up on some bills, or a much needed vacation, our personal loan with a limit of up to $5,000, if you qualify, is available for all your needs.*

Sewer Project Loan Special This loan is designed to help homeowners cover the cost of the recent sewer projects in affected areas. Maximum loan amount $7000 for a maximum term of three (3) years; 5.9%APR**; No pledge required; Payments will be made directly to the contractor; Must provide contract/bill of sale.*

“You Own It” Loan An unsecured loan to help homeowners cover the cost of property upkeep by eliminating the need for a lien and avoiding the processing time of a mortgage/home equity loan. Maximum loan amount $25,000 for a maximum term of 60 months or five (5) years; 6.00%APR** fixed; or 5.75%APR** fixed with established direct deposit; Must be a homeowner and provide proof of homeowners insurance.* You must maintain 5% of the amount borrowed in your share account until the loan is paid in full.

Better Choice Loans G.A.P. Federal Credit Union’s Pay Day Loan program is designed for our members to use as a solution to the growing problem of payday lending practices.  Maximum loan amount $500; Minimum $200; Repayment term 90 days; 18%APR**; 5% pledge; $20 application fee.* Better Choice PLUS available with a maximum loan amount of $1000. Same terms and conditions apply.

Fully Secured Loans A fully secured loan is matching the loan amount dollar for dollar in your share or certificate account to get a rate of 3% higher than the existing share rate or certificate issue rate. For example, if current share rate is 1.244%, a share secured loan would be 4.244%APR or, if a 12 mos certificate is issued with a rate of 2.575%, the certificate secured loan would be 5.575%APR (05-30-08).**

Education Loans At G.A.P. Federal Credit Union we offer our own loan to help defray the costs of higher education. With a 9.00%APR**, $10,000.00 limit, and up to a ten (10) year payback, we can make your payments fit your budget. Tuition will be sent directly to the school. A tuition statement for the student is required.

Used Mobile Homes financing is available. The term and the amount depends on the value and year of the mobile home. No financing available for mobile homes over 20 years old. Contact any of our member service representatives for more information. Landlords release form must be signed with every mobile home loan.

Easy Repayment. You’ll have greater peace of mind knowing that your loan payment is made on time every month with Payroll Deduction, Direct Deposit or an automated transfer from your G.A.P. FCU share or share draft account. Payroll and Automatic Deductions save you time and worry.

Sign up for direct deposit or payroll deduction, the easy way to repay your loan!!

Whatever your borrowing needs may be, always contact your Credit Union first!!

We will do whatever we can to make your dreams come true!

Members Choice GAP Protection – If your vehicle is stolen, damaged beyond repair, or declared a total loss, your auto insurance will cover the replacement value. Nevertheless, you remain liable for payment of the difference between the insurance settlement and your loan balance. This “gap” can easily amount to thousands of dollars – money that comes out of your pocket for a vehicle that no longer exists. Members Choice GAP protection is an affordable way to fill that “gap”. For just a few dollars a month, you can protect yourself against this kind of unexpected expense. This protection is available on your existing vehicle loan, or can be added when applying for your next auto loan.

*Other terms and conditions may apply
**Rates are subject to change without notice

3 bad choices that can damage your credit score

Your credit score is a big deal. Lenders use that number to decide what kind of loan you’ll be able to get and what interest rate you’ll have to pay. If your credit score is low, you should find some ways to raise it. If your score is good, here are three choices you should avoid if you want to keep it that way.

Cosigning a loan: You’re a nice person and you do nice things for people you care about. You should never cosign a loan. EVER. You’ve got to look out for your own personal finances. If the borrower starts missing payments, your credit score will take a hit. The last thing you want to do is have to pay money to keep your credit score up and get absolutely nothing in return.

Closing a credit card account: The first credit card you ever had probably wasn’t a rewarding one. You probably got it so you could build credit or just to have in case of emergencies. You may have paid if off and decided to stop using it, but don’t close that account. For one thing, that card has a long credit history, which is good for your credit score. Also, closing the account will lower your amount of available credit which could negatively affect your debt utilization ratio. That’s one action that can damage your credit score in two different ways.

Not looking for errors: You should always keep a close eye on your credit score. If you haven’t looked at yours recently, or ever, check out Credit Karma. It’s free and easy-to-use. If you don’t keep an eye on your credit report, you could have your identity stolen and not know it. Even if nothing malicious is happening to you, there could still be inaccuracies. The day you find an error is the day you’ll be super glad you checked.

CREDIT REPORTS are detailed accounts of an individual’s credit history officially prepared by credit bureaus. Lenders of various sorts, such as banks or landlords, refer to credit reports to determine a person’s creditworthiness when applying for a loan, mortgage, new bank account or credit card. The three major credit bureaus are Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

Consumers who have been victims of identity theft can also turn to a credit report site to receive a current credit report and determine whether or not their private information has been compromised. Many credit report sites offer security options to prevent identity theft.

Consumer Affairs – Now Compare the Best Credit Report Sites

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