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As a member of G.A.P. Federal Credit Union, you’ll always have a place where you belong.

We have recently experienced fraudulent activity associated with some G.A.P. Federal Credit Union VISA debit cards and have taken proactive steps to contain the fraud and limiting exposure by placing restrictions on signature debit transactions and requiring PIN based transactions only. DON’T KNOW YOUR PIN? CONTACT US FOR FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS! Some of these restrictions may or may not effect you. Please let us know if you are traveling and plan to use your debit card.

You may receive a call from our Fraud Protection Service (800-327-8622), it is important that you speak to them or return their call, as they are trying to verify transactions on your debit card.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you are suspicious of any transaction on your account, please contact us immediately.

(814) 535-4165/(800) 228-9180 Toll Free
(814) 266-8446/(877) 233-4907 Toll Free
(814)946-0726/(888) 913-8670 Toll Free

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