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Promos ending April 29, 2022

For Your Protection:  Our office will ask multiple questions to verify your identify before preforming any service or providing any information on your account to keep your account safe.

If you have any questions about this process, please inquire with one of our offices in person or over the phone.

Our HELOC Special is ending April 29, 2022. For more information, please contact or call 814.535.4165.

Car Rates could be as low as 2.25% APR for 2021 & 2022 Vehicles & as low as 3.25% APR for 2019 & 2020 Vehicles

Get pre-approved now to lock in your rate! Apply today on our GrooveCar site!

If you use Online Banking or the GAPnGO mobile app, you will need to make sure your username(s) are no longer your account number(s). To ensure you are protected, we are requiring everyone to either change/update their usernames online themselves or give an office a call to make the change. These need to be updated by April 30th or your online banking will be deactivated until they are changed.

How to change your username:

  • Option 1: Call your local office to update
  • Option 2: Change it using our GAPnGO App
    • Step 1: Log In
    • Step 2: Locate the Menu
    • Step 3: Locate Settings under User Profile
    • Step 4: Select User Info
    • Step 5: Enter your current password and create a new username
    • Step 6: Select Change Username to save the updated username
  • Option 3: Change it using Online Banking on a web page
    • Step 1: Login
    • Step 2: Locate the Menu (Three Horizontal lines on the left hand side)
    • Step 3: Locate Settings under User Profile
    • Step 4: Make sure you are on the “Edit User Info” Tab
    • Step 5: On the middle of the page, create your new username
    • Step 6: Select “Set New Username”



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