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Those  eligible to attend the 2022 Prom at Conemaugh Valley High School can enter to win a FREE Ticket!

To be entered, please fill out the short questionnaire below!

Entries must be submitted by 11pm, April 13th, and the winners will be announced April 14th!

If you can’t answer a question yourself, use our website and Facebook page to help you out!

Good luck!

Bird Cage Questionnaire: Enter to win prom tickets!

5. Do you plan on attending college or technical school after High School?

6. Have you applied for the G.A.P. Scholarship?
9. Have you ever viewed a copy of your credit report?
Everyone is entitled to view a free copy of their credit report at Checking your credit report regularly will help determine if you are a victim of identity theft.
12. Do you want to be entered to win a 2022 Prom Ticket?


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