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Johnstown: 814-535-4165 | Richland: 814-266-8446 | Altoona: 814-946-0726 | New Stanton: 724-925-1324

G.A.P. Federal Credit Union needs you. The board of directors at G.A.P. Federal Credit Union is made up of qualified, volunteer credit union members. Each year we need new volunteers to serve on our board.  As a member of our board, you can help shape the future of your credit union while using your skills to contribute to its mission.  Call today for more information and to learn what qualifications are necessary to volunteer.

Our member-focused staff is always here to assist you face to face, and answer any questions you may have:

Diane Lopez, CEO/Treasurer;
Erin Schiffhauer, Branch Mgr/Operations;
Stacie Holsinger, Loan Officer;
Lacey Crist, MSR;
Elaine Angus, MSR.

Dawn Chase, Branch Mgr/Loan Officer/Collections;
Barb Naugle, VISA Coordinator;
Donna Kiser, MSR;
Denise Bock, MSR
Liz Hajduk, MSR.

Sharon Lehman, Sr Loan Officer/Branch Mgr;
Liz Leiden MSR/Back Office/Loan Officer;
Tina Dively, MSR
Ashley Heuston, MSR

New Stanton:
Joyette Shawley, Loan Officer/Branch Mgr
Jen Santorella, MSR
Dannette Neminski, MSR
Teresa Podbesek, Loan Officer

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