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With G.A.P. Federal Credit Union's Share Draft/Checking Account you can leave all the fees and hassles of "banking" behind and take advantage of the no fee, hassle free "credit union" way!
Regular Share Draft Account - Once you've opened a G.A.P. Federal Credit Union share account, there's nothing stopping you from taking advantage of our no fees, no minimum balance share draft account with automatic overdraft protection from shares, dividends on balances of $500.00 or more and, your first box of checks FREE! You can even reorder checks online!
With carbonless duplicate checks and your monthly statement, record keeping is a snap.
Deposits can be made in person, by mail, in the night deposit box at our Richland office, thru Direct Deposit, or at select ATM's.
Student Accounts - Members, between the ages of 16 and 24, who are attending high school, college, etc. not only have all the advantages of a regular share draft account, but FREE checks, too!  It's never too early to start a share draft account.  Teaching our children and young adults the fundamentals now makes life just a little bit easier when they're on their own.
"Golden Years" Accounts - Seniors, as our Congratulations! upon entering your "Golden Years", G.A.P. FCU will no longer charge you for checks once you've reached the age of 60.  That's right, FREE checks* when you turn 60! If we've missed this all important birthday, please accept our apologies, and contact us immediately.  *Check styles Blue & Yellow Safety only.
ATM/Debit Card - the easy way to pay for purchases -- right from your share draft account. You can still use your ATM/Debit card to get cash, gas and groceries.  But that's not all.  Now you can use it in more ways, at more places, and for more purchases than ever before.  Your Chek card carries the VISA symbol, so it's accepted everywhere VISA® cards are welcome, at over 14 million locations worldwide.
There's no checkbook to carry.  No check to write. No ID to show. You'll even get a receipt to take with you and a detailed record of every transaction on your monthly share draft statement.
Whether your shopping around the corner or around the world, you can use the GAP ATM/Debit  Card to pay for everyday purchases instead of writing a check and last, but not least, it's an ATM card, too!  There is a $.25 fee for withdrawals only. Look for ATM's with the CU$ logo to avoid surcharges of up to $3.00. This surcharge will be displayed at the ATM before you begin your transaction.
Local ATM's that do not surcharge in our area are affiliated with the following financial institutions:

Healthcare First Credit Union
Franklin-Johnstown Federal Credit Union
First Summit Bank
MERHO Federal Credit Union

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New Vehicle (2014,2013) As low as...

1.99 APR

Used Vehicle (2012,2011) As low as...

3.99 APR

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.10 APY

Money Market Shares $1000 to $9999.99

.20 APY

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